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Your flooring is an investment that adds value to your home it is not just a quick spur of the moment purchase. If you’re looking for quality products, expert advice and competitive prices, “invest with Better Floors.”

Floor coverings assist in creating a space that reflects your personality, this ultimately becomes your sanctuary where you surround yourself with beautiful things that mean something to you. Being a family owned company for over 50 years we pride ourselves on designing unique flooring solutions that suit your needs. Whether it be a commercial or domestic project, the team at Better Floors will ensure your flooring meets your needs and requirements.

We have an abundance of colours and patterns from all the leading manufacturers from Australia and around the world. Your choice is only limited by your imagination. Better Floors have two functional showroom facilities both based in Wollongong.


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Our friendly team will help you in making the right choice of flooring to suit your home or commercial premises.

Our showroom is one of the best in the Illawarra with loads of options for you to see.

Better Floors was established in 1953 by Clive Whittaker who still plays an active role in the business today. Clive started his work in the flooring industry when he formed a partnership as a floor sander. After three years, Clive and wife Pam bought out the partnership and opened a retail showroom in Kenny Street, which Pam managed. Pam’s years in the flooring trade were out into motion when husband Clive was hospitalized three times in 13 months in 1961. She became responsible or organizing the work at 6.30 each morning.

By 1966 the business was flourishing, they had 14 staff on board and purchased an old shop at 388 Crown St, Wollongong with this move they formed the family business known today as Better Floors. Pam and Clive’s eldest child and only daughter Merrilyn joined the business in 1973. The business was soon a family owned and operated business. In 1981 Merrilyn’s husband Stephen Long was working as a school teacher and it was suggested he join the business, soon after he became a part of the Better Floors team.


In 1977 they found the shop in Crown St no longer suitable and built a new showroom on this site. The new showroom was officially opened on February 10, 1978. The same shop is still running today and operates the domestic sales division of Better Floors. A fire in the early 1980’s saw the unfortunate destruction of the businesses first warehouse complex in Keira Sreet. The fire made local television news and destroyed the businesses four work vans and much of their stock. No longer having a functional warehouse, the family purchased 104 Auburn Street, which housed materials and goods for nearly 20 years. However, with continued expansion and growth it was impossible to house everything under the one roof. Thus a second warehouse at 103 Auburn Street was purchased, unfortunately it was only a temporary solution soon after both stores were bursting at the seams.

In 1995, Pam and Clive’s eldest grandson Morgan Long joined the business whilst studying at the University 0f Wollongong. After completing his degree in 1999 he went to work elsewhere but returned seven months later to Better Floors as the Marketing Manager. Morgan has since taken on the role of Design Consultant for the company. Morgan’s brother Nicholas was also lured into the family business in 1999 and joined the installation team. Nicholas completed his Floor Finishing – Coverings trade in December 2001.

At the age of 71, Clive decided things needed a further boost. His vision for bigger and better things saw the construction of the new state-of-the- art commercial complex at 111-113 Auburn Street. The new facility houses the businesses administration, commercial sales and warehouse divisions. Better Floors has continued to grow and now employs 30 people and has access to 12 teams of independent sub-contract layers. Pam has now retired and Clive at 73 years of age is endeavouring to shorten his working week.


The responsibility of managing the successful business has been passed on to the next generation, Pam and Clive’s daughter Merrilyn has taken over as General Manager. After having many years experience in the industry Merrilyn is well equipped to lead the team at Better Floors and maintain the level of professionalism established by Clive and Pam.

The family has always believed in providing the best quality flooring and the best service to their customers, they attribute this as the reason they have been able to enjoy over 50 years of success.

Better Floors would like to thank everyone who has contributed to their ongoing success and look forward to the next 50 years in business.